Lawyer Sues Cawthorn For $193K In Unpaid Legal Fees

Courthouse News reports:

The Indiana-based Bopp Law Firm sued outgoing Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn over $193,000 in unpaid legal fees for defense work in a case challenging Cawthorn’s eligibility to seek reelection. They write: “Mr. Cawthorn served as a Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives, is over 18 years of age, and at all times material to this matter was authorized under the laws of both North Carolina and Indiana to enter into legally enforceable contracts. Mr. Cawthorn signed the Agreement on his own behalf. “

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James Bopp also represented MTG in her own battle to remain on the ballot. Bopp is currently representing an anti-abortion group in a lawsuit seeking to ban advertisements for so-called abortion pills.

Bopp, who was the lead attorney in Citizens United, made many appearances on JMG a decade ago starting with his representation of the groups, including NOM, who were seeking to overturn same-sex marriage in California.

Bopp also represented the haters in Washington state’s anti-gay Referendum 71 campaign, during which he laughably claimed that “literally hundreds of people were subject to death threats, destruction of their property, theft, threat to their families or even fired from their jobs” for having signed the referendum’s petition.

He also represented Focus On The Family in their ultimately successful bid to remake Iowa’s state supreme court following its approval of same-sex marriage.