Homocon Rep: Yes, I Lied About Everything, So What?

The New York Post reports:

Long Island Rep.-elect George Santos came clean to The Post on Monday, admitting that he lied on the campaign trail about his education and work experience — but insisting that the controversy won’t deter him from serving out his two-year term in Congress.

“I am not a criminal,” Santos said at one point during his exclusive interview. “This [controversy] will not deter me from having good legislative success. I will be effective. I will be good.”

Santos confessed Monday that he had “never worked directly” for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, chalking that fib up to a “poor choice of words,” The 34-year-old now claims instead that a company he worked for, Link Bridge, did business with both of the financial giants.

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As you’ll see at the link, Santos admits lying about having graduated from college and now says that his claims about having a Jewish heritage arose from “stories” told by his Catholic maternal grandmother. (Santos previously claimed that his mother’s parents had fled the Holocaust in Europe.)

Santos also admits that he was secretly married to a woman from 2012-2019 but claims he is now a “happily married gay man.” (The Daily Beast could find no record of his marriage to a man.) Santos also admits to having been a deadbeat tenant in Queens, having been evicted twice.

Not mentioned in his New York Post interview is his outrageous lie of having employed four victims of the Pulse Massacre. Nor is there any mention of his being an alleged fugitive from Brazilian authorities over accusations of larceny.

And ALSO not mentioned is where he miraculously came up with nearly a million dollars to fund his campaign.