Homocon Liar Plans Shady Fundraiser For Swearing-In

The New York Post reports:

The 34-year-old Republican — who admitted earlier this week to lying about his work background, academic credentials and ancestry during his successful campaign for the House of Representatives — is offering supporters a bus trip to DC, lunch and a “Team Santos Tour” of the US Capitol’s grounds, while asking VIPs to chip in $500 each to outdo the $100 paid by people with “attendee” status, according to an invitation obtained by The Post.

“What a dumb idea,” sniffed a disgusted Long Island Republican when contacted by The Post Friday. “I would say it’s legally questionable and a fairly clear violation of House ethics rules,” Daniel Weiner, a former senior counsel at the Federal Elections Commission, told The Post. Weiner said soliciting campaign cash with the suggestion of a face-to-face encounter is a no-no. Santos did not respond Friday to a question asking whether he would go through with the event.

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