Hate Group Attacks Wrong GOP Reps In Marriage Rant

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

The House of Representatives has passed the despicably named “Respect for Marriage” Act imposing recognition of gay ‘marriage’ on every state in the nation and ensuring that people of faith will be under legal assault.

Now it’s time to hold them all accountable. It’s up to each of us to make this happen. We’ll be working hard to get the word out because we know that we can make a difference when we work together.

Thanks to you 5,000 NOM supporters signed our petition to House Republicans and nearly a quarter million emails were sent, and countless phone calls made, to targeted Republicans.

Please help us get the word out and activate supporters around the country with your gift today. Your donation to NOM will double thanks to a $100,000 matching gift fund made available to us.

Notice anything about his list?