Gay NYC Councilman Offered NYPD Protection After Anti-Drag Extremists Attack Neighbors, Deface Building

The Daily Beast reports:

Gay New York City council member Erik Bottcher has told The Daily Beast that Mayor Eric Adams and the NYPD have offered “any and all support and protection” after his apartment building was besieged by anti-Drag Queen Story Hour protesters, and the sidewalk defaced with hateful, homophobic slurs directed against him, including “OK Groomer,” “Child Predator,” and Erik Boccher (sic) Is a Pedo Child Groomer!”

“The mayor came here to my home last night personally,” Bottcher told The Daily Beast Tuesday. “He and the NYPD are offering any and all support and protection that I need. I’ve declined having a car parked out front. But I know that is an option that is open to me if I need it. The mayor told me he and his entire administration are standing with me. The support from people generally has been overwhelming and absolutely heartening.”

Read the full article. Two women were arrested after breaking into Bottcher’s apartment building. Early reports apparently misidentified the women as part of the “Gays Against Groomers” hate group.