Florida Sheriff: Cop Accidentally Killed Cop Roommate

Orlando’s NBC affiliate reports:

According to the Brevard County Sheriff, 23-year-old deputy Austin Walsh was killed Saturday by his own roommate, who is also a fellow deputy, in an accidental shooting. In a video on Facebook, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said Walsh and his roommate, Deputy Andrew Lawson were at a home in Palm Bay early Saturday morning.

“He and Austin had taken a break from playing an online game with a number of their friends. Lawson was holding a handgun, which he believed he had unloaded and at one point in their conversation, Lawson, thinking that the gun was unloaded, jokingly pointed the gun in Austin’s direction and pulled the trigger,” Ivey said.

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Lawson has been charged with manslaughter. In the video below, the sheriff condemns his “reckless” action.