Feds Arrest Former GOP Rep In $50M Venezuela Probe

The Associated Press reports:

A former Miami congressman who signed a $50 million consulting contract with Venezuela’s socialist government was arrested Monday in connection with an ongoing federal criminal investigation, law enforcement officials told The Associated Press. David Rivera, a Republican who served from 2011 to 2013, was arrested at Atlanta’s airport.

Pressure has been building on Rivera for more than two years after it emerged that he received the massive contract from a U.S. affiliate of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company as President Nicolas Maduro was trying to curry favor with the White House in the early days of the Trump administration.

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In August 2022, I reported that Rivera, who was named to a watchdog group’s “most corrupt” list during his single term in 2010, had been sued for $50 million by Venezuelan opponents of Maduro.

Before that, he appeared on JMG in 2021 when he was ordered to pay $456,000 for secretly funneling money to the Democratic primary opponent of his 2012 challenger.

Rivera, who was disqualified this year after launching a bid for the Florida House, claims that the 2012 payola scandal is “fake news from the Miami Herald.” The feds obviously disagree.