Elon Musk Reinstates Extremist Loony Laura Loomer

The Daily Dot reports:

Twitter may have just thrown Trump’s foundering 2024 campaign a lifeline. This week, the company reinstated two of Trump’s most loyal supporters: political operative Roger Stone and Islamophobe Laura Loomer.

Since Musk took over the company, it appears that the majority of the accounts Twitter has reinstated have been controversial right-wing figures.

Many conservatives believe this is because the platform was biased against them; leftists counter that right-wing figures are more likely to run afoul of policies governing hate speech, disinformation, and harassment.

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Loomer was banned by Twitter in 2018 after celebrating the drowning deaths of Muslim migrants, including children. She later famously handcuffed herself to Twitter’s Manhattan office doors.

Also that year, she hired crackpot lawyer Larry Klayman to file a $10 billion dollar lawsuit against multiple social media companies, including Twitter, for banning her. That suit was rejected in 2020 by the DC Circuit Court.

Last year Loomer was ordered to pay a US Muslim rights group $125,000 after she sued them, claiming they had a hand in her Twitter ban. In fact, a prankster group had fed Loomer that “tip.” Loomer has said she will never pay the judgment.  

Loomer is now awaiting action on a RICO suit she has filed against multiple platforms for banning her.