“Don’t Say Gay” Author Seeks To Delay Trial To May

Gainesville’s ABC affiliate reports:

Former state Rep. Joe Harding, a Republican from Ocala, could go on trial in May to face charges of wire fraud, money laundering, and making false statements. Harding’s attorney, Peggy-Anne O’Connor, filed a motion Monday in federal court in Gainesville to move the trial to May. It had initially been scheduled for Jan. 11. The motion said Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin M. Keen, who is prosecuting Harding, did not object to a May trial.

Read the full article. Harding is facing six felony charges related to alleged defrauding of the Small Business Administration. He resigned the day after his arrest and deleted all his social media accounts after posting a declaration of innocence because he’d returned “every penny.” Since then, he made no public statements or done any interviews with clamoring media outlets.