Candace Owens Spreads Lie About Zelensky’s Wife

Mediaite reports:

Candace Owens spread the baseless claim that the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blew €40,000 on a shopping spree in Paris.

The claim, which spread on social media this week, has been used to criticize Zelensky and undermine his efforts to secure further aid from the US to fight the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On the culture war right, it’s not enough to just disagree with the US sending aid to Ukraine; the Ukrainians themselves must be cast as grifters, even monsters.

Newsweek reports:

While the claim about Zelenska was picked up by other social media users including conservative voices such as the Gateway Pundit, and hoax news sites, its provenance appears to be extremely murky and lacking in credibility, Newsweek Fact Check found.

Newsweek found that the screenshotted article, titled “Zelensky’s Wife Spent $40,000 Shopping in Paris While Demanding US Give Ukraine Money,” appeared on known hoax news site NewsPunch, widely reported to have disseminated misinformation online.