Cameron: The Pilgrims Fled A “Woke Mob” In England

“These were people who faced times that were much darker than what you and I are facing in America today. Political darkness during the time of the pilgrims in England was at an apex, you would have thought they would have completely given up hope.

“They were being run out of the country by a woke mob and what did they do? They didn’t put their head between their knees and cry in their Chick-fil-A soup and wait for the rapture while the culture deteriorated.

“They read their Bibles. And they got on a little boat and they sailed across the world to start a new society that would later become the freest, strongest, most benevolent and generous nation the world has ever known.” – Kirk Cameron, speaking to the Christian Post.

The rest of the linked interview consists of Cameron whining again that dozens of public libraries have rejected his demand to conduct Jesus Story Hour.