Brian Brown: “We’re Not Dead” So Send Money Today

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

For the past decade, our opponents have constantly declared themselves the victor in this gigantic struggle between what is good and right, God’s plan for marriage and humanity, and what has become culturally popular, the remaking of humanity to fit an entirely secular and false ideology.

There have been many battles along the way. As each battle came and went, our opponents declared that we were not only defeated, but dead, and they stood as the new beacon to illuminate history’s chosen path.

But we’re not defeated, and we are certainly not dead. In fact, because we have universal God-given truth on our side, we can never be defeated and our cause will certainly never die.

And because the agenda that our opponents advocate is a lie that runs contrary to universal truth and God’s design for humanity, they can never be victorious. Truth always prevails.

To encourage your financial support at this critical time, some faithful donors have created a $100,000 fund that will match every donation to NOM through the end of this year.

Whatever amount you can give will instantly DOUBLE. Even better, if you become a new monthly donor, the amount of your monthly gift will be matched for an ENTIRE YEAR.

Please be generous with your support. All gifts are tax deductible. Click this link to make a donation today!