AZ Gov Rips “Inconsequential” Cultists In Exit Interview

The Associated Press reports:

At a time when the conservative movement is almost singularly oriented around “owning the libs,” Ducey spent his two terms outmaneuvering Democrats to advance Republican priorities, reshaping his state in a decisively conservative direction. Yet he leaves office Monday with a limited national profile and the enmity of GOP foot soldiers less interested in the pile of things he accomplished than the one thing he would not do: overturn Trump’s defeat in the state’s 2020 election.

Ducey offered a tepid endorsement of the entire Republican slate but did not campaign with Kari Lake. She frequently attacked Ducey on her way to winning the GOP nomination. The governor also feuded openly with Kelli Ward, the state GOP chair. But despite the dominance of Lake and Ward in the current state GOP, he plays down their significance. “They are inconsequential and have zero power,” Ducey told The Associated Press in an interview Thursday.

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