Trump Spox Blames Dinner With Nazi On Thanksgiving

“Look, a lot of people don’t even know who this person is and President Trump was one of them. Several people on the staff I don’t think knew who this person was.

“Again this was rescheduled. It was only supposed to be one on one. And then of course it happened right around the Thanksgiving holiday, so that’s how it ended up happening.

“They did not know that Kanye was bringing anyone else. Again, Kanye West is very controversial, obviously. But President Trump’s not going to, you know, shy away from meeting with Kanye West because he’s had a relationship with him in the past.

“It was very short, it was supposed to be one on one. Again he didn’t know how this person was. And I don’t think most people in America know who this person is.

“And that’s great. It’s a good thing. I frankly don’t know who this person is.” – Liz Harrington, responding to cultist host David Brody.

Brody is super concerned about damage to Trump’s reputation and how DeSantis might use Nick Fuentes against him. Watch the opening of the clip for that bit.