Trump: Immigrants Are “Terrorists, Rapists, Murderers”

“We’re a third-world country in our elections, and our borders are wide open with unknown people, many of them many, many millions, millions and millions.

“Criminals, terrorists pouring into our country. Millions. And don’t believe when you hear two million or three million, I believe it’s ten million people. I believe it’s ten million. Our country is changing before our very eyes.

“We have no idea who these people are and where they came from. And they’re terrorists and they’re criminals and they’re murderers and rapists, and they’re pouring into our country totally unimpeded.

“We have massive inflation, rampant crime. You can’t even walk down the streets in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and every other Democrat run city without getting mugged, shot or killed.” – World famous lying criminal, last night.