Statistics Show Truth Social’s Traffic To Be Cratering

The Confider reports:

After peaking in August, Truth Social, the right-wing Twitter knockoff created by former president Donald Trump, has experienced two straight months of decline in unique visitors.

According to Comscore data reviewed by TheRighting, a watchdog that reports on and analyzes trends in right-wing media, Truth Social went from 4.02 million visitors in August to 3.38 million in September and then 2.85 million in October.

“It suggests a decreasing interest in what Trump is saying on his platform,” Howard Polskin, a lifelong media vet and founder of TheRighting, told Confider. “If the numbers keep declining, he may be tempted to go back to Twitter to reach a much larger audience.”

Read the full article. Now that Elon Musk has welcomed back the crazies to Twitter, expect Trump Social’s traffic woes to worsen considerably.