Shooter’s Friend: He Never Claimed To Be Nonbinary

NBC News reports:

A recent neighbor of Club Q shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich said he spent hours talking to the FBI on Tuesday morning. He told investigators the suspect made several hateful comments toward the LGBTQ community. “Just expressed he didn’t like the LGBTQ community,” said Xavier Kraus, who lived across the hallway from Aldrich. “And pretty sure at one point he expressed he hated the LGBTQ community, he hated gays.”

“This is not the type of person I would take around my gay friends,” he said. Kraus said he and Aldrich became close friends last year. They bonded over tech and video games. According to Kraus, Aldrich and their mom moved into the apartment building in August 2021, which was shortly after deputies in El Paso County arrested Aldrich on multiple felonies.

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According to a just-aired report on CNN, Kraus says Aldrich never mentioned being nonbinary in their times together.

In the video below, Aldrich’s biological father, a former porn actor, claims that Aldrich’s mother told him in 2016 that Aldrich had committed suicide. As CNN has extensively documented, Aldrich’s mother has had a hosts of arrests related to arson and substance abuse.