Sarah Palin Concedes House Race, Thanks Trump

Posted this afternoon to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:

*Official Press Release From Governor Sarah Palin*

It’s an honor to run for office in my homestate, offering to serve the great people of Alaska! Congratulations to Rep. Mary Peltola and her family as this new chapter in their lives – and the life of Alaska – unfolds.

Challenging Washington, DC’s status quo in a way that represents the people’s best interest is a monumental but necessary task, and I offer to help in anyway I can.

As I’ve said repeatedly, I’m more encouraged than ever to fight for what is right, including leading the charge now to repeal ranked choice voting, which I’d repeatedly committed to regardless of this race’s outcome.

Alaska must return to an election system that can be trusted and clearly understood, and the rest of America must be warned not to adopt this new convoluted, complicated, drawn-out election system that invites dark money influence.

Thank you to my number one supporters – my kids! – and my amazing extended family, friends and supporters throughout the US who continue to work alongside me, and thank you to those who endorsed me – notably, President Trump.

God bless you all, and happy happy Thanksgiving! – Sarah