NYC Sanitation Department Sells $48 “Rats” T-Shirt

Gothamist reports:

The shirts, which were listed at $48 on Only NY’s website, featuring a rat running scared, feature a phrase made famous by Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch.

Standing outside City Hall on Oct. 17, Tisch unveiled a proposal to shorten the amount of time trash bags sit on the street in hopes of giving city rats less garbage to feast on. But before getting into specifics, she had a clear message for rodents across the five boroughs.

“The rats are going to absolutely hate this announcement,” she said. “But the rats don’t run this city. We do.” The soundbite went viral on social media, taking on a life of its own on TikTok.

Read the full article. $48! Proceeds go to the city’s general fund. Many less insanely-priced versions are already available on Amazon. The viral quote is in the video below.