NOM: Unseat “Dirty Dozen” GOP Senators For Betrayal

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

The US Senate just passed the (Dis) Respect For Marriage Act. This bill would imposes gay ‘marriage’ on every state in the nation. The twelve Republican voted against their own party platform and the traditional understanding of marriage.

The bill now heads to the House. While the House passed the measure with 47 Republicans voting in favor, because of your pressure, some Republican House members are reconsidering. Scott Perry, for example, has stated he will be a no vote.

NOM will send you a list of House members to contact tomorrow. For now, it is important to know if your Senator is part of the dirty dozen that betrayed marriage. The list is below. While some of these Senators are retiring, we expect and encourage primary challenges for the rest. We will update you.

He also calls on his followers to continue to harass the “dirty dozen” by phone.