Multiple Rioters Were Invited To Trump’s 2024 Launch

Politico reports:

When Donald Trump plunged into the 2024 presidential race last week at his Mar-a-Lago club, he was surrounded by sidekicks, superfans and self-described sycophants. Among them was another subset of Trump world figures who look poised to help form the coalition behind his third presidential bid: those sympathetic to or even a part of the riot on the Capitol on January 6.

The inclusion of those who were in Washington on Jan. 6 at his Mar-a-Lago event underscores how closely linked he remains to the melee that unfolded that day. Rather than isolating and ostracizing Jan. 6 figures, Trump’s team has kept them in the fold, even promising pardons for those who were there.

Asked for comment, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said discussion of Jan. 6 attendees being at Mar-a-Lago was a distraction “from the abject failure of Joe Biden and his administration.”

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