Loser Vaseline Woman: I’ll Prove My Race Was Rigged

“We are taking all the steps necessary to remedy this assault on our democracy. This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. This is about our sacred right to vote, a right that many voters were sadly deprived of on November 8th.

“Tens of thousands of you have reached out, pleading with me to fight this fight. Rest assured, I will. Because if we give up now, we will no longer have a country.

“Attorneys are working diligently to gather information. Whistleblowers are coming forward and the curtain is being lifted. Whether done accidentally or intentionally, it is clear that this election was a debacle that destroyed any trust in our elections.

“Arizonans who chose to make their voices known on Election Day should not be disenfranchised or punished. And yet, they were. I want you to know, Arizona, that I will continue fighting until we restore confidence and faith in our elections. – Crazy QAnon Vaseline woman.