Kirk Demands Phoenix Ban Competing Conventions

The Arizona Republic reports:

In the contract Turning Point USA executed for AmericaFest, the four-day convention scheduled for Dec. 17 in Phoenix, the nonprofit dedicated to free market and capitalistic principles asked for the city’s help in keeping competing organizations away.

Turning Point USA asked the Phoenix Convention Center not to lease space to organizations it considered direct competitors in the days surrounding its event. The contract, signed by Charlie Kirk, Turning Point’s CEO, listed seven groups by name.

The direct competitors listed were College Republicans, Young Americans for Liberty, Young Americans Foundation, American Populist Union, American Conservative Union, America First Foundation, and the American Freedom Tour.

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Listed speakers for Kirk’s event include Steve Bannon, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Mike Lindell.

The American Conservative Union is the parent of CPAC.

Young Americans for Liberty is Ron Paul’s libertarian group.

The American First Foundation is Nick Fuentes’ group.

The American Freedom Tour stages paid Trump rallies.