Judge Rants At Trump Org Lawyers For Shady Motions

CNN reports:

Judge Juan Merchan reprimanded lawyers for the Trump Corporation for filing motions and new exhibits late Sunday night that they want to introduce Monday morning when they question Mazars accountant Donald Bender, telling them he will no longer accept any motions from the attorneys.

Defense attorneys had submitted 18 exhibits to the prosecution around midnight. “It’s inconsiderate at a minimum,” the judge said. At worst, it’s “good old-fashion sandbagging.” At times, the judge raised his voice and told defense attorney Susan Necheles to be seated.

“It’s almost as though you really don’t want me to rule on the issue,” Merchan told Necheles. “It’s almost as though you don’t want me to get it right. I’m not accepting any filings any more from the Trump Corporation, period.”

Read the full article. The Trump Corporation handles payroll for the Trump Organization.