Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Defeats Cultist Darren Bailey

The Associated Press reports:

Gov. J.B. Pritzker sailed to reelection over challenger Darren Bailey in a race characterized by near-constant acrimony and outsized spending. Pritzker, a Democrat who hadn’t held political office before his gubernatorial victory in 2018, won a second term buoyed by a campaign on fiscal stability and taxpayer relief.

Bailey, 56, has made crime in Chicago a centerpiece of his campaign and was buffeted by ridicule when he called the nation’s third-largest city a “crime-ridden corrupt hellhole.” That prompted him to rename it “Pritzkerville” because “every one of Gov. Pritzker’s extreme policies are destroying the city.”

Read the full article. Bailey first appeared on JMG in 2020 when he was booted from the state senate chamber for refusing to wear a mask. Earlier this year he spawned an uproar when he said abortion is worse than the Holocaust.