Graham: The Marriage Bill Puts Haters In “Jeopardy”

Posted today to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

It is very disappointing that these 12 Republican senators would side with the Democrats and ultra-liberal Senator Chuck Schumer to put the vast majority of Americans who believe in and support marriage between a man and a woman in jeopardy.

The deceptively-named Respect for Marriage Act that Senator Schumer is trying to push through is just a smokescreen to give more protections to same-sex marriage—and it doesn’t protect the religious liberties of those who support traditional marriage.

In fact, it would make individuals, churches, academic institutions, and organizations who stand with marriage between a man and a woman in danger of persecution and legal attacks because of their convictions.

The Respect for Marriage Act is coming up again before Congress on Monday. Email or call your senators to make sure they know that you do not want them to support the Respect for Marriage Act unless it includes the LEE AMENDMENT—to protect you.

If added, the Lee Amendment affirms that individuals and organizations will still have the right to act according to their faith and deepest convictions. Pray for our leaders in Washington.

The next Senate vote is scheduled for late this afternoon and we’ll have a live-stream here.