Flynn Organizes “Black Robe Regiment” Of Extremist Pastors With Goal Of Imposing Christian Nationalism

Vice News reports:

“You cannot preach the Bible without the United States Constitution. Period,” Michael Flynn announced to a crowded hall on stage of the QAnon-infused evangelical “ReAwaken America” July tour stop in Virginia Beach. Thousands were in attendance, and Flynn’s speech was full of fire and brimstone, espousing a Christian nationalist ideology about how the church should be at the heart of all aspects of American society.

During Flynn’s speech, dozens of pastors stood right behind him; in total, 150 pastors had just signed a pledge to become part of the regiment. Flynn’s group was founded by Virginia pastor William Cook. This new iteration of the group wants pastors to preach the gospel of Trump, actively spread conspiracies about COVID vaccines and stolen elections. Many of the pastors aligned with the movement were involved in the Capitol riot.

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