Extremist Gab CEO: Elon Musk Is Still A “Slave To Jews”

Posted to Andrew Torba’s Telegram account:

The ADL threatened “dire consequences” if Musk didn’t bend the knee to their demands. Two days later he was meeting with them and bending to their demands. “World’s richest man” is still a slave to j*ws lol. I’d rather be poor and a slave to Christ than the richest man on earth and a slave to the anti-Christs.

As I previously reported, earlier this year Torba unleashed a torrent of anti-Semitic tweets, presumably with the aim of getting banned and claiming martyrdom for Jesus.

That didn’t happen but as of now Gab’s Twitter account shows zero followers and its posts are protected.

In April, Torba posted a letter offering to sell Musk and equity stake in Gab for $2 billion.

Last month Torba’s book on Christian nationalism peaked near the top of Amazon’s bestsellers list.