Ex-Gay Catholic Extremist: Violence Is Always Optional

Our pal Hemant Mehta points us to the latest screed from comically bewigged homocon “ex-gay” Michael Voris, founder of the Catholic extremist site Church Militant:

Now we are in a pitched battle in the political arena—the last remaining line before all-out civil war. If you love peace and you don’t want to see violence, then you better get involved on the political front.

And let’s be clear about this for all the phony or delusional pacifists out there: Violence in and of itself is not immoral. It depends on the circumstances, and sometimes, even, it’s necessary: self defense, the subduing of an aggressor threatening the life of your family, the Son of God in the temple violently whipping the money changers.

The idea that violence must always, at all times, always be avoided is not Catholic. Remember the Crusades? Sometimes violence must be unleashed to protect the innocent.

But lethal violence—because of its drastic, you-can-never-come-back-from-it consequences—must never be the first resort. In fact, it must always be the last resort, and then not be allowed to turn into an orgy of dominance over the foe. Nonetheless, violence does—must—always be an option. Welcome to a fallen world.

Voris first appeared on JMG in 2010 when he called for a literal Catholic dictatorship in the United States.

More recently he’s hosted MTG for interviews in which the pair agreed that the Catholic Church is “satanic” under relatively moderate Pope Francis.

Voris this year also briefly employed fellow homocon “ex-gay” Milo Yiannopoulos to flog Catholic bric-a-brac on the site’s home shopping channel.

Voris came out as “ex-gay” in 2016, claiming that the New York Archdiocese was plotting to out him. In 2010 I had posted several times about Voris, prompting a JMG reader to write and tell me that he’d once been close friends with Voris, who, according to the reader, had been a producer at the CBS affiliate in Detroit.

The reader also said that he, Voris, and Voris’ boyfriend at the time had attended International Mister Leather some time in the 90s.

According to the reader, Voris had to lend him a leather item in order to comply with that weekend’s dress code at Chicago’s Manhole bar. I ended up not outing Voris because I couldn’t verify the reader’s story.