Ben Shapiro Has The Marriage Sadz: The “Cowardly” Republican Party “Needs An Overhaul In A Serious Way”

Media Matters has the transcript:

Republican cowardice is one reason the left keeps winning the social battles, despite the fact that the population is not all in on everything the social left wishes. Now, the polls show that there is widespread support for same-sex marriage.

What there is not widespread support for is the idea that you as a religious person ought to be forced in your life to accept same-sex marriage in the way that you do business, in the way that you send your kids to school.

The idea that society has a duty to force individuals to acknowledge things they don’t believe to be moral – that is not something the vast majority of Americans are willing to go along with. And that is the biggest problem with the so-called Respect for Marriage Act.

It essentially says that only bigots and fools based on their silly religion would object to the idea that a man, woman, and child is the basic fundamental building block of society. What did Republicans win in this bill precisely?

What did Republicans get in this bill exactly? The answer is they got pretty much nothing. They went along with it anyway because there are a lot of weak-kneed Republicans who are unwilling to have a headline that says they oppose same-sex marriage.

The fact that many of the Republicans went along with this — man, this party needs an overhaul. It needs an overhaul in a very, very serious way.