Bannon: Defund The “Gestapo Pussies” At The DOJ

“What they oughta do immediately is say, ‘Hey, we’re not gonna give you one penny in the Justice Department.’ And they oughta start the impeachment process on Garland and Mayorkas, day one.

“You want a special prosecutor? Then you raise the money yourself. Go raise your money, go special prosecute that. Enough nonsense with these people. They’re criminals. They twist the law.

“We’re gonna clean the whole rats nest out – the FBI, the American Gestapo. And I don’t care, they come on TV and say, ‘It’s terrible he says that.’ You’re the American Gestapo. In fact, you’re even greasier than the Gestapo.

“A bunch of pussies. That’s exactly what you are. You’re a bunch of pussies, OK? Pussies. This thing is a joke and clown show. The nation’s in a financial crisis and this is what they come up with.

“I can’t wait to jam these people. God, I love this job.” – Steve Bannon, who is also enormously butthurt that his “red tsunami” prediction of flipping 100 House seats did not come true.