21 GOP Senators Sign Letter Urging Colleagues To Block Marriage Bill Unless Anti-LGBTQ Amendment Is Added

From the Family Research Council:

Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee is urging the 12 Republican senators who voted for the so-called Respect for Marriage Act to oppose cloture on the legislation unless his amendment is added to the bill.

“The free exercise of religion is absolutely essential to the health of our Republic,” the senator wrote in a “Dear Colleague” letter first obtained by The Daily Signal, signed by 20 of his Republican colleagues. “We must have the courage to protect it.”

Lee emphasized that his amendment would “ensure that federal bureaucrats do not take discriminatory actions against individuals, organizations, nonprofits, and other entities based on their sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions about marriage by prohibiting the denial or revocation of tax exempt status, licenses, contracts, benefits, etc.”