WSJ: Chess Grandmaster Likely Cheated 100+ Times

The Wall Street Journal reports:

When world chess champion Magnus Carlsen last month suggested that American grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann was a cheater, the 19-year-old Niemann launched an impassioned defense. Niemann said he had cheated, but only at two points in his life, describing them as youthful indiscretions committed when he was 12 and 16 years old.

Now, however, an investigation into Niemann’s play—conducted by, an online platform where many top players compete—has found the scope of his cheating to be far wider and longer-lasting than he publicly admitted.

The report, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, alleges that Niemann likely received illegal assistance in more than 100 online games, as recently as 2020.

Read the full article. Sorry folks, but the WSJ report makes no reference to anal beads.