Walker Finally Admits Knowing Abortion Accuser

NBC News reports:

Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee for Senate in Georgia, claimed he confirmed for the first time Friday the identity of the woman who has claimed he paid for her abortion 13 years ago when she leveled the allegation in a text message to his wife.

In a brief interview with NBC News, Walker said this was also the first time the woman, who is the mother of one of his four children, mentioned to him or his wife that she had had an abortion.

“The first I knew about any of this was when some reporter asked me about an abortion. And I’m like, ‘No, that’s a lie.’ And then I was asked if I paid for an abortion, and I said No. I did not pay for an abortion,” said Herschel Walker. “I’m not saying she did or didn’t have one [an abortion]. I’m saying I don’t know anything about that. I don’t know.”

The Daily Beast reports:

Herschel Walker has maintained that he still doesn’t know the identity of the woman claiming she had an abortion after she and Walker got pregnant in 2009. But on Friday afternoon, the woman finally heard from a top Walker campaign surrogate: Julie Blanchard, the candidate’s wife.

In a text message exchange shared with The Daily Beast, the woman—who says she later had a child with Walker against his wishes in 2012—told Blanchard it was “cruel” that Walker “continues to claim he doesn’t know me or the abortion he paid for.”

“He brought all of this on himself when he decided to get on a platform and denounce abortion and make a mockery of his children who have done NOTHING to deserve this,” wrote the woman. “Shame on him,” she added.