Ohio Republican: God Kills Those Who Oppose Me

“You know, I had another officeholder, he came to me, said ‘I’m gonna take you out.’ And I said, ‘You can hate me all you want, but you hate the work of God and I’m not responsible for what happens to you.’

“And you know what, it wasn’t a month later that that man was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Advanced! And the man who brought me that message, who was mayor of a small town in my area, suddenly got an abscess in his stomach and he died.

“Now we’re living in a time – and I’m nobody – but we’re living in a time where God has had it with the mouthy mainstream media. And I would just advise you to be still and let God handle it.

“Because by the time God gets done with your enemies, he can do way more than you could ever hope.” – Former Ohio GOP state Sen. Candice Keller.

Keller first appeared on JMG in 2019 when she blamed an Ohio mass shooting on drag queens, video games, Barack Obama, and same-sex marriage.

Her claim spurred an immediate call for her resignation by the Ohio Republican Party.

Keller returned to our attention in August 2020 when she boasted of being thrown out of the Gettysburg monument for defying its mask mandate.

Also in 2020, Keller lost her seat after finishing second in the GOP primary. Earlier this year she finished fourth in the GOP primary for Ohio lieutenant governor.