OAN Host Blames Crime Rate On Witchcraft [VIDEO]

“It’s sad that as we see Christianity receding, the pews getting more and more empty as the years go by, the society gets anti-Christian in one aspect and then it starts to attack the church, you know, with hatred and vitriol, but also in the same way we see paganism making a return.

“Both, you know, on the fringes of the left and the right. Especially on the left with a lot of occult imagery. Me and one of my producers off camera always talk about Barnes & Noble, you can’t go into a Barnes & Noble these days without witchcraft and occult imagery everywhere.

“And it’s really being forced on people right now. This kind of pagan idea of, you know, the strong dominate the weak, you know, vae victis, you know, woe to the vanquished.

“That’s making a comeback as well in the post-Christian era that you’re describing.” – OAN host Kara McKinney, in a discussion about the crime rate.

As you can see in the clip below, McKinney’s guest says, “Only Christian masculinism can save Western civilization.” Because “the original sin between Adam and Eve in the garden is the sin of feminism.”

McKinney last appeared on JMG when she blamed mass shootings by incels on “free sex.” Before that she appeared here when she used a photo of a Nazi book burning to illustrate her call for libraries to purge “LGBTQ filth.”