Mastriano’s Doctoral Thesis “Rife With Academic Fraud”

The CBC reports:

One of the most controversial politicians in the United States is causing a stir far north of the campaign trail: at a Canadian university that once granted him a doctorate.  A UNB associate professor listed on Doug Mastriano’s doctoral dissertation describes it as atrocious academic work and says he can’t understand why the paper includes his name.

Mastriano’s work was dishonest, sloppy, tinged with religious zealotry, and indifferent to facts that contradicted his claims, said Jeffery Brown, a scholar of U.S. history at UNB and a U.S.-Canada dual citizen.

James Gregory, who first encountered Mastriano’s work in his published book, says he’s since found over 150 problems with the thesis. It’s rampant with fake footnotes, he says, meaning the paper often makes a claim, cites a footnote to back it up, then, when you actually go check the source mentioned in the footnote, it says something else.

Read the full article. There’s a lot there.