Kari Lake Laughs About Attack On Paul Pelosi After Evangelicals Anoint Her With Holy Oil In Jesus’ Name

John Fea writes at Current:

Arizona evangelical leaders prayed for her, laid hands on her, and anointed her with oil. One of those participating in this ritual was Mark Driscoll, the scandal-ridden megachurch pastor, co-founder of The Gospel Coalition and the Acts 29 Network, and plagiarizer.

He was the subject of a scathing Christianity Today podcast series titled “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill.” After Seattle’s Mars Hill Church removed Driscoll as pastor, Driscoll resurfaced as the founding pastor of Trinity Church in Scottsdale.

In the Christian tradition, anointed men and women are set apart to do the will of God. Sometimes oil is used in anointing ceremonies. In other words, these evangelical pastors believe that God will use Kari Lake to advance His purposes in the world.

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