Kanye West Continues Antisemitic Rants On Twitter

The Jerusalem Post reports:

American rapper Kanye West threatened Jewish people about a supposed conflict with him over a Jewish agenda and said that he couldn’t be antisemitic because black people are Jews also, in a now-removed tweet on Sunday morning.

“I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 [sic] on Jewish people,” West began, likely incorrectly referring to a stage in the defense readiness condition of the United States military, or DEFCON. “You guys have toyed with me and tried to blackball anyone [who] opposes your agenda.”

“Who do you think created cancel culture?” West posted in another tweet not long after the first remark. The tweet was removed by Twitter for violating the platform’s rules just over an hour after posting.

Read the full article. Yesterday Instagram restricted West’s account for a similar rant.