Homocon “Ex-Gay” Milo Calls For Blasphemy Laws

From alleged ex-gay Milo Yiannopoulos’s Telegram account:

You will know America is serious about saving itself, and that it has absorbed the scale of the undertaking, when you see a president adding his signature to revivified blasphemy laws, which will prevent the open promotion of sedition, institute meaningful penalties for insulting, irreverent or contemptuous language about Our Lord, and moreover restore to general society an understanding that words matter, they carry consequences, and they may not be capriciously and arbitrarily redefined by mentally unstable graffiti artists with PhDs.

Christian nationalism will succeed only if we are honest about the profound structural failures in the American system, and are prepared to do something about them.

The wide disputational berth granted by the First Amendment and the destructive potentialities of the Second are privileges that can only be granted to Christians.

No other belief system produces individuals capable of responsibly wielding such daunting, awesome freedoms.

You cannot grant these powers to the citizenry without also requiring that every elected official and federal employee is a churchgoing Christian and that the nation explicitly identifies itself with Jesus Christ and governs in a manner informed by the Church.

So the Founders were idiotic, malignant, or both in severing the link between Church and state while at the same time relying on the former to ensure correct operation of the latter. How else can we interpret this unnecessary risk?

I ruined my knees in my 20s. Not through prayer, as if you had to ask. I think about this every day when I pray now, and I am disgusted by it.

I have thrown away my prayer stools and cushions to ensure daily discomfort. For some reason, this provides more motivation and courage in my quest than almost anything else.

I have worked hard to make my prior life seem equal parts repulsive and ridiculous, so that I cannot even imagine the person who would consent to it. It’s a powerful and reliable strategy.

Milo last appeared on JMG when he called for executing fellow homocon Dave Rubin and Rubin’s husband after the couple revealed they will be fathers.