Gab CEO: Save The World With Masculine Art

From Christian nationalist Gab CEO Andrew Torba:

All of this chaos: from the welfare state breaking down the nuclear family to the grotesque assaults and property damages displayed during these so-called protests or to the shameless identity-oriented hatred of white Americans in a country that is 75% Caucasian.

All of this is only possible only because masculinity has been silenced in conjunction with the perilous state of the American church. Just think about the last time you’ve seen an unapologetic masculine figure in the dominant narrative who’s taken the culture by storm.

The 45th President Donald Trump, canceled. Alex Jones, canceled. Look at Homer Simpson or Phil Dunphy, then look at our movie titles – She-Hulk, The Woman King, and Suffragette. Outside of film we have normalized terminology such as toxic masculinity and the patriarchy on college campuses.

What we need, is some masculine art. The Blood & Fire Project is a mission-oriented art series devoted to spreading the aesthetic appreciation of masculinity.

An ongoing painting series depicting the rise and fall of men throughout history rendered in fiery tones to promote awareness of the sacrifice that undergirds the very culture we take advantage of.

Masculinity needs to be revitalized both in and out of the arts, with its rise means a stronger church and country. And it starts in your home.

The objective of this painting series is to get men all over the country to install an original 11 x 14” artwork that represents a wholesome and benevolent representation of masculinity. Get yourself armed, be an example, collect some art, and be masculine.

Selections from the Blood & Fire project can now be yours for the sale price of a mere $825. Regular price: $1200.