CO Gov Nominee Stands By “Furries In Schools” Claim

The Denver Post reports:

No, several large Colorado school districts said Tuesday, they are not having issues with students identifying as cats or other animals, as Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl has repeatedly claimed is happening in schools across the state. Ganahl, a University of Colorado regent running to unseat Gov. Jared Polis next month, said in a radio interview last week that “schools are tolerating” students “identifying as cats.”

She then doubled down on that position in subsequent interviews over the past several days: She told Fox31 that she’d received more than 100 messages from parents “across Colorado” talking about the issue in their school. Ganahl reiterated her concern in a statement to the Denver Post on Tuesday, casting students dressing up like cats as a distraction when they should be learning.

Read the full article. Two days ago, Minnesota’s GOP nominee for governor made the same batshit claim. Among the others spreading these QAnon claims is Michigan GOP chair and accused fake elector Meshawn Maddock.