CO Gov Nominee Spreads “Furries In Schools” Claim

Denver’s Fox affiliate reports:

Republican candidate for governor Heidi Ganahl is reiterating a claim that students in Colorado schools are self-identifying as animals. It’s an assertion that has been disputed by a local district, and in fact-checks from across the country.

Ganahl took criticism for comments she made during a discussion about Colorado schools on a conservative talk radio show.

“Not many people know that we have furries in Colorado schools…kids identifying as cats,” Ganahl said on the “Jimmy Sengenberger Show” on 710 KNUS last Saturday. “It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it’s happening all over Colorado and schools are tolerating it. It’s insane.”

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As I’ve previously reported, among the others spreading these batshit QAnon claims is Michigan GOP chair and accused fake elector Meshawn Maddock.