Charlie Kirk To Train Men In Masculinity By Depriving Them “Of Sleep, Of Calories, And Of Their Cellphones”

“I think the American family’s breaking because of this subsidized, prolonged adolescence of infant boy — of like infant men of 26, 27-year-olds. I’m telling you, young men need to be treated a lot harsher than they are right now.

“And I know this, that sounds bad. They need to be challenged, put out into the wild, figure it out. You know, go, reach deep down and understand if you have testosterone or not, and then build something of value.

“At Turning Point USA, we now have a men’s summit where we — and our men’s summit is very different than our women’s summit – our women’s summit is really fun.

“And my wife speaks at the women’s summit, and you know, women come from across the country and they’re wearing dresses, lots of pink. 

“Our men’s summit is out in the woods, no phones. We deprive you of calories, of sleep, we break you and we teach you something, and then you learn how to become a man.” – Self-proclaimed Christian nationalist Charlie Kirk.