Woman Charged With Threat To Kill Mar-A-Lago Judge

NBC News reports:

Tiffani Gish was arrested last week in the Houston area after she admitted to federal marshals that she had left three threatening voicemails for federal judge Aileen Cannon, telling her she was “marked for assassination” and that she planned to shoot her in front of her family, a federal criminal complaint says.

Gish also made a number of outlandish comments in the Sept. 1 calls, saying she’s “in charge of nuclear” for the country and has a “license to kill,” the court filings said.

At one point in the voicemails she said she’s working for Trump as his “hitman,” while at another point she accused Trump of having orchestrated the Sept. 11 attacks and claimed he is marked for assassination as well, they said.

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According to the report, the woman has a long history of “delusional conduct.” Hit the link for those details.