Trump Claims He Invented The Term “Migrant Caravans”

Mediaite reports:

At his rally in Ohio on Saturday,  Trump said that he invented using the word “caravans” for the mass movement of migrants from one place to another. He told the crowd that when he decided to cut off money to those countries that wouldn’t take back planes with deportees they relented.

Trump reenacted those phone calls, playing both parts, and saying he told the foreign leaders he was going to withhold foreign aid because, “you won’t take these horrible convicts and other people that you released into our country illegally, and you put them in caravans.’”

He then said in an aside, “I came up with that term, by the way. That was my term, like fake news and lots of other terms we came up with. Crooked Hillary, we came up with Crooked Hillary, we came up with a lot of terms.”

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