Trump: Dems Are A Greater Threat Than Any Country

“We had something special going two years ago. We were leading the world in every category, every group within our country was leading. African Americans, Asian Americans, women, men, Hispanics. Everybody was leading. Young people, old people.

“They [Democrats] are looking to destroy the country. You know, I say it often, our challenge within, the danger from within, meaning people in this country, people that are ruining this country is greater in my opinion than outside, than outside nations and what they want to do to us.

“I really believe that if some very important things don’t happen very soon, it can no longer be saved.” – Donald Trump, getting hearty agreement from OAN host Dan Ball.

Ball last appeared on JMG when he called the fatal attack on Cincinnati’s FBI office a hoax.

In April, Ball called for every mainstream media CEO and on-air host to face a “military tribunal” for treason.

Before that he appeared here when he suggested that Ukraine is bombing its own hospitals.

His first appearance here came when he claimed that “thousands of people” have died from COVID vaccines.

Ball recently called for the US to “invade Mexico.”