Rubio Brands Crist’s Running Mate As “Karla Marx”

Florida Politics reports:

Labor Day brings a fresh email from the Marco Rubio campaign. identifying two so-called “peas in a radical pod” that suggests a re-election fight resembling a tag team wrestling match.

Rubio’s campaign spotlighted a joint campaign appearance between his General Election opponent, U.S. Rep. Val Demings of Orlando, and the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Karla Hernández.

The email refers to Hernández as “Karla Marx,” an attempt to brand the teachers’ union head turned political candidate as a radical. Beyond denoting a shared “love” of school lockdowns, the Rubio campaign email paints both candidates as soft on Cuban communism.

Read the full article. Earlier this week DeSantis and the Florida GOP falsely claimed that Hernandez had “protected” a pedophile from prosecution.