REPORT: QAnon MI Sec Of State Nominee Threatened To Kill Herself And Her Family, Per Ex’s Divorce Filing

CNBC reports:

The Republican Party nominee for Michigan secretary of state, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, several years ago threatened to kill herself and her two daughters in response to her husband’s request for a divorce, her now-ex-husband alleged in a court filing published Friday.

The allegations against Kristina Karamo, which she denied in a statement late Friday afternoon, came to light two months before the election for secretary of state, the top election official of Michigan.

Kristina on one occasion said, “F— it, I’ll kill us all,” as she tried to grab the steering wheel and “crash” a car driven by her husband, and carrying their two teenagers, Adom Karomo wrote in the filing.

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Karamo last appeared on JMG when she claimed that “demonic possession” is not only real, it is sexually transmitted.

Karoma, who has headlined at multiple QAnon events, also appeared on JMG when she declared that singers Beyonce, Cardi B, and Ariana Grande are pagan witches and “tools of Lucifer.”

Karoma also claims that yoga is a “demonic practice” and that its poses are meant to summon Satan.