Rally Cultists Gave QAnon Salute During QAnon Song

The Insider reports:

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday spoke at a rally for Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance while a QAnon song played dramatically in the background, and his supporters raised their fingers in an unusual salute. In recent weeks, Trump has amplified QAnon talking points on his social media, but Saturday night’s spectacle in Youngstown, Ohio, was perhaps the clearest sign yet that he’s now openly embracing the baseless conspiracy theory.

An unusual finger salute, which saw attendees of the Youngstown rally raise their fingers to the sky, is also being described by experts on the conspiracy theory as a potential nod to QAnon. On Tuesday, he reposted an image on Truth Social of himself wearing a Q pin on his jacket with an overlay of the words “The Storm is Coming.” In QAnon mythology, the “storm” refers to a day of violent retribution when Trump’s enemies will face televised mass executions.

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